Disaster Catering

Since 2009, High Point Events has been ready to provide emergency catering and logistical services in times of natural or man-made disaster. In four years, our Disaster Services division was called up 32 times.

For example, we responded in multiple locations to the derecho which left large areas of the East Coast without power, responding as well to Hurricane Sandy, establishing our staging areas as far north as Atlantic City, N.J. High Point Events Disaster Services division has the experience, the flexibility, the professionalism, and the organizational skills to support those responding to any kind of disaster.

High Point Disaster Catering LifterWe are fully licensed and insured. We can travel anywhere on the East Coast. We can feed as many as 12,000 people three meals a day. We negotiate rentals and provide all kinds of equipment and staff for staging areas.

In short, we do everything behind the scenes so that emergency responders are free to do their jobs.

This is a partial list of how we can help.

  • Hot meals and boxed lunches
  • Tents, sidewalls, lighting, tables and chairs
  • Heaters, fans, air conditioning and generators
  • Potable and bottled water
  • Refrigerated, delivery and fuel trucks
  • Vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks
  • Snow plows, skid loaders, forklifts, material spreaders, tractors and wheel loaders
  • Office trailers and equipment
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Portable restroom and shower facilities

While nobody likes to think about disasters, High Point Events can help you develop a plan to support your employees/volunteers when the next emergency strikes. Contact our Disaster Services Coordinator Bob Egan, 301.428.0650 or bob@highpointcatering.com, today to prepare for tomorrow.