Blog:Holiday Party Themes

Your favorite holiday song

Frosty the Snowman

  1. Let guests create their own snowmen with Styrofoam balls, white paper plates, felt, etc.
  2. Serve alcoholic snowballs: shaved ice mounded in cups, drizzled with liquor or liqueur.

The 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Have the menu highlight the foods mentioned in the song.
  2. Set up 12 tables for guest seating and label each with one of the days.
  3. Make large posters or cut-outs of one of each item from the song (one golden ring, one lord a-leapin’, etc.). Challenge guests to put them in the correct order.

Winter Wonderland

  1. Set up a “Winter Wonderland” with twinkling lights and bluebirds on potted plants and fake snow making a path at the party entrance.
  2. Asks guests to bring mittens and gloves to hang on a Christmas tree at the party and be donated afterward to a local charity for the homeless.

Your favorite holiday movie

Holiday Inn

  1. Serve two kinds of hot spiced cider: spiked and non-spiked.
  2. Use your party as a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project or other charity for veterans.
  3. Ask each guests to wear a favorite winter scarf to the party.

Miracle on 34th Street

  1. Have Santa on hand to hear guests’ Christmas wishes.
  2. Decorate with mailbags stuffed with evergreen boughs and used envelopes.
  3. Ask each guest to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys for Tots campaign.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

  1. Decorate with spindly trees, burned out light strings, etc.
  2. Let guests decorate a large doghouse with lights and ornaments.

Your favorite holiday food

Holiday Pie-palooza

  1. Have a pie bar for dessert, with several variations on pumpkin, pecan and mince pies.
  2. Decorate with pie plates filled with poinsettias and seasonal greens.
  3. Ask each guest to bring a favorite pie recipe (written on an index card). Collect and redistribute as party favors at the end of the event.

Outrageous Oysters

  1. Use oyster plates as the basis for the decorating scheme.
  2. Feature a raw oyster bar as well as variations on cooked oysters.

Crazy for Cookies

  1. Have a Cookie Swap as part of the party.
  2. Set up a “frost-your-own cookie” bar. Supply sugar cookies in various shapes along with cans of decorator frosting, assorted jimmies and toppings, small pieces of fruit and nuts.
  3. Decorate with wreaths covered with cookies, baking sheets with holiday messages made of felt, bouquets of spatulas, etc.

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