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food-safety-tipsSummertime, and the livin’ is…hot. If you’re anywhere near High Point Events’ service area on the East Coast, you know that we operate all summer long in 3H weather: hazy, hot, and humid. That’s why we’re what your grandmother might have called “purely persnickety” about food safety. All our event managers are certified in food safety by the National Restaurant Association, and our attention to safety begins even with the purchasing process.
Those three Hs also are exactly why food safety is critically important for you, too, whether you’re having an outdoor picnic or an indoor dinner party. Here’s a collection of some of the best food safety tips from around the web. boils it all down to four basic rules that apply year round.
The Food Network site offers some points not found elsewhere.
The Mayo Clinic’s Nutrition and Healthy Eating blog offers some specific practical tips, including specific safe temperatures. offers a choice of print stories or podcasts about different aspects of food safety – at home, on the road, etc.
The federal Food and Drug Administration website offers an extensive list of tips for transporting food, preparing the picnic site, and grilling safely.
If you’d like to know more about High Point Events and food safety, please contact Jocelyn Barker, general manager, at 301.428.0650 or

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