Blog:Are You Ready for Some Football Food?

Getting the gang together for the big game? Fire up the grill, set up the big screen, and get ready for some quality pigskin action! Here are some ideas from the football fans on the High Point Events staff about ways to help your football parties really score…
Zebra Stripes Décor
Black and white goes with everything, and football parties are no exception. The black and white stripes that referees are known for are the perfect complement to your décor. Use a striped table runner, serving utensils or even straws for your beverages. Click here for some inspiration.
Repurposed Cupcake Liners
Go beyond the single-serve frosted pastry, and repurpose cupcake liners for your event. They are the perfect vehicle for sliders, snack mix and bite-sized desserts. They are also a cute cover to place over beverages. Simply invert the liner over your cup and stick a straw through it to keep your beverage protected and festive! It’ll also help guests keep track of which beverage is theirs. Cupcake liners come in a number of colors and motifs so there is sure to be something for every fan. Look for mini-sized cupcake liners as well, which come in a palette of wild colors. Check the baking supply area of your local craft store for your best assortment. Inspiration.
Football-Shaped Foods
Add a little pigskin flair to your spread, and make your tailgating buffet staples football shaped. Cookies and Rice Krispy treats are easy to serve and decorate like the game ball. Consider making a football-shaped pizza, little sandwiches or mini meatloaves as well. Check your local kitchen supply store, gift shop or craft store for a football-shaped cookie cutter, and go wild! Inspiration and more inspiration.
Astroturf Tablecloth & PVC Field Goal
Want to add some texture and color to your tables? Visit your local hardware store, and, for a few dollars, you can take your décor to a whole new level. Get a piece of artificial grass cut to fit your table, and use it as a table covering for your buffet. PVC pipe makes a great goalpost and a wonderful focal point for your Super Bowl worthy affair. Inspiration.
Tailgate Friendly Menu Items
During any great tailgate, the focus is mostly on the game and festivities leading up to the game. Encourage mingling and game viewing with easy-to-eat foods that are bite-sized or portable. Foods on a stick, slider sandwiches, small dessert bars or even dips served in individual containers are all great options. Consider unconventional twists on classics – fruit kebabs, sweet and salty cereal bars, soft pretzel bites or cookie dough dips are all easy to make and sure to be crowd-pleasing. Finish the fourth quarter with stadium-shaped ice cream sundaes. Inspiration and more inspiration.
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