Blog:Five Steps to Perfect Parties

Not everyone is Martha Stewart. Most of us approach the holidays with that special mix of fear and excitement brought on by watching too many Food Network shows and online party planning videos. How will we have the time to make mini-artichoke place cards while roasting that blessed turkey to perfection? And being in charge of the company holiday party adds its own special concerns.
Here at High Point Events we can empathize. We do this party planning stuff 24-7-365. That’s why we’ve put together our best suggestions for simplifying the process while making the resulting party exceptional. These steps, we should add, apply to private parties as well as company parties. Let’s get started…
1. Decide WHY you’re having the party.
Are you celebrating a specific holiday? Recognizing the year’s sales leaders? Thanking the staff (and their families) for going the extra mile in a tough year?
2. Determine your party budget.
This is at once the most critical step to party success and the one most often overlooked.
3. Decide the basics.
Use the 5 Ws and the H rule: WHO will be invited, WHAT the theme will be, WHEN and WHERE it will be held, you already know WHY you’re having the party, and HOW your budget will be apportioned for food, decorations, photography, or whatever your needs are.
4. Determine how much of the party will be done “in house” and how much by a hired event planner, caterer or other party professional.
A professional planning company, like High Point Events, can save you an enormous amount of work and ensure that no detail is overlooked. That’s why we’ve been in business for almost 45 years! We set out to make every holiday party exceptional.
5. Plan the party details.
It’s helpful to use the 5 Ws and the H again, slightly modified. WHO will be responsible for WHAT? WHEN will each party detail need to be accomplished? WHERE will be the staging area for items which need to be taken to the party venue and WHERE will items be put at the venue? HOW will the party venue be cleaned up, if needed?
Giving this kind of thought to a party well in advance will maximize your guests’ enjoyment and minimize your last-minute chaos. So get planning! And contact us if we can be of service – (301)428-0650.

Ready to Plan Your Next Event?

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