The Adventure Sector at High Point

The Adventure Sector at High Point

Located at High Point Farm in Montgomery County, Md.
23730 Frederick Rd.
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Aerial map of The Adventure Sector at High Point

Whether your group is looking for pure fun and recreation, or whether you’re looking for a more goal-driven leadership and team-building program, the Adventure Sector at High Point offers just what you need. Updated and enlarged in 2012 to offer safe, challenging fun for everyone, the Adventure Sector at High Point has hosted everyone from large corporations to scout troops, from bachelor parties to school and church groups on our Ropes Challenge Course, 35-foot Climbing Tower, two Zip Lines, and other elements.

In every activity, the primary emphasis is on safety. Participants are closely supervised by trained, experienced facilitators, and our equipment is routinely inspected to ensure the best-and safest-experience for all participants and staff.

We offer four main types of activities, all of which may be used for recreation (generally a 2-4 hour time period) or for team building (4-8 hours). Facilitators assigned to your group will choose activities appropriate for the ages, abilities and goals of group members.

Low Elements

During these activities, participants are challenged to overcome obstacles and solve problems. They must work together in small groups to achieve goals while learning problem-solving techniques, communication skills, patience, and innovative thinking. Successful completion of the activities helps teams to develop confidence, esteem, leadership, and cohesion. Low Elements are great for businesses, schools, sports teams, or families; these experiences help improve communication and problem solving, as well as helping to build meaningful relationships.

Low Elements include activities such as the Mohawk Walk, Rope Swing, Whale Watch, Spider’s Web, Track Walk, and Wild Woozy.

High Elements

Participants on the High Elements will test their ability to deal with fear and courage. With the support of their friends, co-workers, and our skilled facilitators, they will work on a series of cables, platforms and ropes, 30 feet up, to achieve their goals. The High Elements ropes courses can be seen as the ultimate group and individual challenge, utilizing a vertical obstacle course that makes extensive use of safety equipment to keep participants from danger.

When groups or individuals go up on the High Elements, they have an opportunity to learn about healthy risk-taking, perceived limitations, performance under pressure, giving and receiving support, and how working with others can help individuals to achieve more than they can accomplish alone.

GPS GeoCache Challenge

Teambuilding with a GPS unit involves one or more teams engaging in a high-tech treasure hunt. Each team is given a GPS unit and coordinates to reach a goal or find a cache (a small hidden box or object). Each search varies in difficulty and the challenges participants face.

What can this do for your team? With each challenge, the team must make a plan, execute it, and reach the destination without a pre-determined leader. As teams work together, you are given the opportunity to observe different behaviors and to discover what your team needs most to function at the next level. We are confident that, not only will your teams enjoy the day with its hikes through scenic woodland, but also that participants will have stronger connections with each other, improve their communication skills, work more efficiently together and, most importantly, build trust with one another.

Other Team-Building Options

The fourth main type of activity includes options such as Group Games, Scavenger Hunts, or Myers-Briggs Testing.

Other options for recreation and/or team building are also available at the Adventure Sector at High Point.


Many people are turning to paintball for entertainment and training. Paintball games are fast, fun and adrenaline packed. Whether it’s just a nice day out with the co-workers and a chance to get even with the boss, or the opportunity to work together to accomplish different tasks for each team, we can design games to meet the expertise of your players. If you prefer a less confrontational (and less messy) day, consider paintball target shooting.

Rock Wall Climbing

Our 26-foot Rock Wall is great fun for groups looking for recreational wall climbing. And this rock wall is portable – it can be delivered to any of High Point Farm’s six sites or to another location of your choice.

What’s listed here is just the beginning of what we offer at the Adventure Sector at High Point. With access to more than a dozen vendors of recreational fun, we can design an event that will surpass your expectations every time. For more information, please contact your High Point Events sales rep, (301) 428-0650 or